The history of Church in Trzesacz dates back to the XII century. This was the third a Christian temple, which was built in the Pomeranian region. Initially it was the catholic church, however, after the reformation in 1534, it became an evangelic temple.

In 1658 the church was renovated and equipped with renaissance and baroque benches, stalls, pulpit, baptismal bowl and the altar. However, during the seven year war, part of its equipment has been sacked.

Today, the church in Trzesacz, is primarily known for the fact that almost in its entirety has been absorbed by the sea. However, the church has struggled before with the forces of nature. In the years 1760 and 1818 the wooden tower was destroyed by the striking lightning. Finally, it was dismantled, and a bell tower with two bells in it were installed in its place.

As a result of the process of abrasion, a shoreline movement was constantly moving more and more into the land. The flooding was so powerful, that already in 1750, the distance was only 58 meters.

The church on a cliff hosted the last mass on 2 August 1874. Nearly 30 years later the first part of the historical building fell to the sea. Today, only a portion of the last wall recalls the former glory and history of this place.

From the Church of Trzesacz - magnificent, historic building, built in the early Middle Ages - now remained only a lonely south wall, towering over a cliff undercut by the sea. In order to save the monument before a total destruction, the cliff base and the slope have been secured with a 80-meter-high rock seawall. Nowadays the ruins of the church attract the tourists from all over the world. This is the only monument of such type for an European scale.