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Offer for schools

Why did Trzęsacz shake?

In program

Visiting MuzeON – the Multimedia Museum of Trzęsacz

Educational journey along the 15th Meridian – approximately an hour-long educational walk with a guide. Topics covered: cultural heritage of Trzęsacz and the region, monuments, including: ruins of the church in Trzęsacz, viewing platform, historical and geographical curiosities of Trzęsacz and amazing legends related to this place, the importance of the 15th Meridian

A museum lesson about amber at the Fisheries Museum in Niechorze

Lunch – artisan pizza + bottled water

Each participant receives a “European Certificate of stay on the 15th Meridian”

The program is implemented all year round – recommended for preschool children, primary schools, secondary schools and adults. Implemented in Polish or German

Price: PLN 89/person*.

Price with transfer: PLN 139/person. (comfortable coach on the Szczecin-Trzęsacz route)

Program duration – approx. 3 hours*.
*Price and time calculated for a minimum of 40 fully paid participants. For every ten children – one guardian for free.